Has The Selfie Killed Photography?

Progress creates casualties. At the beginning of the 19th Century, lots of people made a living painting family portrait for those who could afford them. Then along came the camera and suddenly all those painters had to adjust or become extinct. 

Is the same thing happening to professional photographers now that most people have a camera in their phones?

Professional means something

Think of the photographers you know by name, Annie Liebowitz for example, she spends time and puts a lot of thought into how her compositions work. When you look at one of her shots, you feel you understand something about the character of the sitter. She does not create a snap.

The same is true of professional wedding pictures Newington. The images are those created to last. They take time and they have a composition. They are a deliberate record of an event, not a quick snap of something to remind.

There is one other big difference, they are made with a paper copy in mind.

Print makes all the difference

wedding pictures Newington

A snap on your phone is exactly that – an aide-memoire. If you enlarge a selfie the result is going to be poor because the lens is not designed for the task.

A professional photographer uses equipment and brings to the picture an eye which will stand up to being put on paper. Look at the photos on your phone, would you print many of those?

Can anyone be a photographer now?

Yes and no. Yes, in that anyone can and does take photos. Some people never seem to do anything else.  No in the sense that there will always be a place for the photographer as the narrator of events. A photographer tells the story in a way the snapshot just doesn’t.