Simple Tips for Better Eye Makeup

Accentuating your eyes appropriately can drastically change your facial appearance. Unfortunately, many tips and tricks found online appear to be at the expert level. The average person cites having difficulty with complex video or article tutorials found online.

The good news? You do not need to be an expert to follow these tips. They were created for the average person, who is not necessarily an Instagram model or semi-professional makeup artists.

seamless eyeliner application

·    An eyeliner guide is a unique tool which assists in seamless eyeliner application. Simply hold the tool steady beneath the eye and there is no need to worry about whether the eyes will be even.

·    A light amount of white eyeshadow on the inside of your nose bridge and just beneath the eyebrow can make your eyes appear larger and brighter.

·    When applying eye makeup do not look straight at the mirror. You will apply it naturally more evenly (and see your eyelids better) if you tilt your mirror up just slightly and look down into it.

·    Use a light coat of black eyeshadow beneath any colors you wish to apply if you would like for the color to be darker and smokier looking. This is particularly useful when creating a smoky eye for an evening out.

·    Skip the eyeshadow applicators that come in your palettes. Instead, purchase eyeshadow brushes in small and medium sizes. They will do a much more professional job.

·    For longer, more defined eyelashes all you need to do is add a second coat of mascara. Always ensure the first layer has thoroughly dried first.

·    To prevent your eyeliner pencils from crumbling you should place them in the freezer before you sharpen them. This adds some protective strength to the pencil.

·    Stock the following things in your makeup bag and experiment with them: white eyeliner pencil, a bright eyeshadow, and a black smudge stick.